World Health Day: Health for all – everyone, everywhere

With just hours to go for World Health Day, discussions on the importance of access to health to everyone, whenever, wherever they need it, is getting hotter. Off course, the day is dedicated to celebrate health and remind authorities about the significance of healthcare. But when the day ends and a new ‘Day’ takes birth, the discussions and subsequent actions shouldn’t die a slow death.

The focus of this year’s world health day is universal health coverage and it aims towards achieving a fairer, healthier world – in which no one is left behind. Health for all – everyone, everywhere, is the tagline of World Health Day 2019. As of now, at least half of the world’s population are still struggling for full coverage of essential health services.

The government authorities need to invest in quality, accessible primary health care so that the dream of health for all becomes a reality.  It is the responsibility of health workers to care and advocate for patients and educate them on the importance of remaining healthy.

The WHO asserts that countries which invest in universal healthcare will make a “sound investment in their human capital”; indeed, access to a very bottom line of care and financial protection will not only truly improve someone’s health and life expectancy, but also “protects countries from epidemics, reduces poverty and the risk of hunger, creates jobs, drives economic growth and enhances gender equality”.

World Health Day provides the opportunity to spread awareness about the relevance of equity and solidarity in health care services.  This not only influences the health of individuals, but the health of economies and societies as well.

Health is the right of every human being, regardless of class, society, nation or race. Let’s all strive to make health for all a reality.