World habitat Day

It is world habitat day today; a day designated to remind the world that it is our responsibility to shape the future of our cities and towns. The day is commemorated on the first Monday of every October and this year it will be held in Mexico City on 7th October.

Last year’s theme was “Municipal Solid Waste Management” and this year the UN aims to build on it by promoting the contribution of innovative frontier technologies to sustainable waste management. The initiative aims to cover all waste produced by human activity (solid, liquid, domestic, industrial and commercial), that has been adversely affecting the health of people, environment and climate.

Technology has been making lives easier since decades and it has the calibre to accelerate efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and address climate change. Technologies that include automation, robotics, electric vehicles, renewable energy technologies, biotechnologies, and artificial intelligence has the potential to reshape the social, economic and environmental spheres.  Waste management can be a cakewalk with cheaper, faster, scalable and easy-to-use solutions that these technologies come up with.

World Habitat Day was established in 1985 by the United Nations General Assembly and was first celebrated in 1986 in Nairobi with the theme “Shelter is my right’. The day is celebrated across various countries with diverse activities.