World Environment Day – 2016

“Let us save our Environment”- June 5th, Sunday is World Environment Day. It’s been celebrated as a great annual event for many years with the aim to protect the planet atmosphere and life nurturing nature. This day was established by the UN in 1972. And it was first celebrated on June 5th, 1974 with the observation to create global awareness to humans about the pollution and other environmental hazards facing by each nation.

This year World Environment Day is celebrated with the theme on “plant trees to live free”. The theme projects the importance of healthy and green environment in human life. The Earths ecosystem is facing crucial environmental hazards due to high population, pollution, and huge economic development. To solve this problem, we have to conduct awareness programs for the public about the future hazards and make them be the part of this global awareness program to create a sustainable environment. Many Government and other organizations are still playing the role in protecting our environment through many actions like recycling process, planting trees, establishing waste management industry etc…

A rapid development of urbanization and industrialization has led to serious environmental problems like climate change, massive wastage, deforestation, global warming, pollution etc… which can wipe out the existence of human life. As a solution to these fact government authorities and organizations are acting towards these issues to prevent further harm. Emvees Waste Water Treatment LLC is also playing a most vital role to build a sustainable environment. Emvees provides the best solutions in Water & Sewage Treatment Industry. Emvees stand for Safer, healthier and cleaner environment. We provide services that cover all the major waste management requirements including Liquid Waste Management, Solid Waste Management, Odour Control, Bio Thermic Digester, Filtration Systems & Reverse Osmosis, Bio Gas Plants, and Vehicle-Wash-Water Recycling System.

Due to the rise of environmental issues, our planet truly needs our help which can be made possible on world Environment day. Most common activities that help in preventing environmental problems are planting trees in degraded lands, using solar source for electricity, water heater, proper drainage system, recycling treatment plants, wastewater & sewage treatment plants and other ways of environmental prevention keeps the environment clean & save for better future living.
Be a part of world environment day activities and encourage others for saving your nature.