Why Us

Industrial Waste Water Treatment is gaining prominence in the UAE and under the directives of the UAE Government, more and more industries are being encouraged to go in for recycling options, though discharge after treatment is also permitted. There is also the case of Sewage Treatment (STP) that is again gaining prominence in industries as well as staff accommodation and labour camps. The use of TSE for irrigation is rampant in the UAE, with more and more companies going in for the Re-Cycling Options, as a way to go Green, like the Government wisely does.

We, at Emvees, have a dedicated team of engineers, who go through each inquiry, on a case to case basis and arrive at the following. 

  • Arrive at the inlet design parameters & treated water parameters
  • Discuss with the prospective client on the degree of treatment preferred
  • Design a competitive treatment methodology, attractive to the client
  • Submit the proposal
  • Upon confirmation, a Gant chart is prepared outlining the time frame
  • Submit detailed engineering drawing for client approval
  • Order the critical components, both locally and internationally
  • Assembling of the units as the components arrive
  • Inspection by our project team for site readiness
  • Installation and commissioning of the Waste water treatment plant at site Emvees – our USP’s
  • On time delivery
  • Understanding of treatment concepts required for site
  • Trained and experienced Design & Project team
  • Association with world leaders for equipment supply
  • Assured after sales service
  • Economical to operate