Water Treatment in Tobacco Factories

The Tobacco and Cigarette manufacturers are one of the top industries all over the world. The economical value created by theses manufacturers is into billions of dollars per year. The contents used for the production is really kept hidden, that causes serious threat to human health. Even government has published about the effect of tobacco smoking and its economical influences to the public.

Tobacco industries use water as a main content for steaming and cooling process. Cooling is used extensively for process applications and refrigeration for temperature control. The industries produce contaminants and toxic organic substances, which is transformed as waste water, entering the ecological system and humans through drinking water and food chain. Nicotine, the principal alkaloid of tobacco is so harmful to health. The tobacco industry waste water also contains flavoring chemicals containing glycogen and alcohol, adsorbable organic halogens and pesticides from tobacco leaves, all leading to severe hike in BOD & COD loads.

Emvees recommends Anaerobic Treatment technology for maximum removal of the organic loads from this type of waste water. The implementation of Anaerobic Technology offers highly effective solution that produces good quality end product with re-usable gas, like Methane (usable fuel) which can be a source of energy. The technology saves substantial amount of cost associated with energy, equipment & maintenance.