Water Treatment in Ready-Mix Concrete Industry

Water Treatment in Ready-Mix Concrete Industry

Ready-mixed concrete is used in construction projects when the construction site is unwilling or unable to mix concrete on site. Using ready-mixed concrete means the finished product can be delivered on-demand, in the specific quantity required, at any time.

Ready-mix concrete is preferred for many projects, in spite of its higher cost. Ready-mix concrete has a higher quality, and variation between batches is minimal when concrete is prepared in a plant environment. The wash wastewater generated from ready-mix concrete drums poses major environmental problems due to its high alkalinity and elevated heavy metal contents, like chromium. It is imperative to remove these toxic elements prior to reuse or disposal.

Emvees has an enviable track record in treating the wash water from ready mix concrete units, establishing Emvees as a forerunner in this field. Emvees offers recycling systems to rid the waste stream of chromium, which makes the treated water reusable. The treatment also includes specialized AFM filtration, UF, and an RO plant, as per client requirements.

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