Water Softeners


Hard water usage in different applications may lead to clogging of pipes, damaging of heat exchangers, boilers, and many other devices. Hard water also increases the lime scaling inside the pipe which in turn results in the blockage of pipe and reduction in efficiency of boilers and tanks.

Use of water softening systems will considerably increase the life span of pipelines and also contributes to the improved working of boilers, heating system etc. Water Softeners remove positively charged ions that adds hardness to the water. Softeners are mainly designed to remove calcium(Ca2+) and magnesium(Mg2+) ions which are referred to as hardness minerals.

Emvees specializes in this segment, through its experienced Sales & Design engineers, who work specifically for the customer requirements. Our experienced staff have the expertise to install and commission the following range of water treatment products.

We offer the following range of softeners, both timer-based and/ or volumetric based

  • Simplex
  • Duplex

The ion exchange resin (cationic resin) gets exhausted once all the Na+ ions have been used up and then the system automatically goes into regeneration, based on the mode of regeneration. The consumable for regeneration is salt, which is NaCl, thus bringing back the Na+ ion on the resins to help further in the process of water softening. We keep a good stock of salt tablets in our facility and supply the same, all over the UAE, thus ensuring excellence in after-sales service is maintained.

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