Water Treatment Products for Softners


The use of hard water in different circumstances causes serious damage to devices and equipment. In boilers and tanks, hard water increases lime scaling inside pipes which results in blockage and reduced efficiency.

A water softening system increases the longevity of pipelines. It also improves the functioning of boilers, heating systems, and similar devices. Water softeners remove the positively charged ions that makes water hard. Softeners are mainly designed to remove calcium (Ca2+) and magnesium (Mg2+) ions, which are called hardness minerals.

Emvees specializes in water softening systems. Our experienced design engineers work according to customer requirements and ensure skillful installation and commissioning.

We also offer the following range of water treatment products:
  • Automatic softener systems
  • RO plants & UF plants
  • De-ionizers – Semi-automatic & Automatic
  • Mixed Bed (MB) resin columns for polishing
  • Dosing pumps & Controllers.

Emvees also specializes in chemical treatment for HVAC systems, especially chilled water systems & cooling tower treatment (condensers).

We provide:
  • Chilled water treatment chemicals
  • Condenser/ Cooling Tower chemicals
  • Boiler water treatment chemicals
  • Automatic dosing systems for Chilled, Condenser & Boiler water treatment

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