Water Treatment in Edible Oil Industries

For most of the countries, Edible oil processing units is one among the major economic zones. In last decade, these industries have contributed to the growth of economy to the respective countries. For edible oil refinery industries, “water” is the main component for the process. The wastewater from oil processing industries contains both organic and inorganic content, which are produced after various processes like degumming, deacidification, deodorization and neutralization steps. The wastewater will be also highly acidic and oily with Sulphate and Phosphate content that cause serious threat to environment and mostly the aquatic life.

With the increasing demand on treating wastewater from edible oil processing units, Emvees recommends Effluent treatment plants (ETP), designed and suited well for these industries. For the effectiveness of the treatment the wastewater is treated for removal efficiency of different parameter in each stage like variation of waste water pH from edible oil refinery, removal efficiency of Total Suspended Solids, Oil & Grease, COD and BOD.

Emvees also offer a biological treatment process for treating edible oil waste water and then on, to reuse the treated water, with tertiary treatment consisting of Ultra Filtration (UF) and RO plant.