Water Treatment in Beverage Industry

Beverage industries are one among the major production unit that operates in small and medium sized in many parts of the world. They are operating in many parts of the countries especially in gulf regions because it is one of the major economic sources. Beverage manufacturing industries are the major consumers of water, since water is the main ingredient of their product. In addition, the manufacturers require huge volumes of clean water for the processes like bottle washing, machine & equipment cleaning. But these industries operate without adequate treatment measures, which led them to discharge most dangerous effluents of waste water into the main water stream.

The beverage industries generate wastewater rich in toxic and trace metals, chemicals which cause adverse effect to fresh water bodies. The wastewater generated from beverage companies is becoming a serious threat to aquatic life and human life. As a solution for this fact, the demand arises for installing Wastewater Treatment system in beverage industries

The production of soft drinks, alcohols and wines pollutes the water with biodegradable substance. The Wastewater treatment system enables a solution to treat these effluent dissolved water to highly purified clean water for reuse. Wastewater treatment system helps to lessen the expenses for water supply and waste management. It is also a cost effective solution. The biological water treatment plant recycles the wastewater used for bottle washing and equipment cleaning, which enables to reuse for several process. Based on the manufacturing process, the wastewater discharged can be treated separately, differing pollution levels and enables to reuse for further production.

We at Emvees are using the newest technology and latest waste water treatment equipments to solve the challenges facing to treat wastewater. We provide expertise and treatment technologies to meet the requirements on pre-treatment, Membrane filtration, odor removal etc.