Waste Management in UAE

In the last decades, United Arab Emirates is one among, who witnessed significant and rapid economic growth as a major business center in Middle East region. The development of this gulf country to the extreme has resulted in one of the fairly large destination for tourist, business and industrial central. These rapid developments lead to waste generation and affected entire waste management system of UAE.

Fast economic expansion, means the expansion of more residence and industries. The waste generation due to construction is an extreme issue faced by authorities. The waste produced can be characterized as construction waste, general waste (solid waste), liquid waste, Hazardous and Non-Hazardous etc… made a negative effect on the growth and development of UAE, especially in tourism and residential zones.

As an impact on public cleanliness and sustainability of eco-system, the municipal authorities has released an order against illegal waste transportation and dumping, littering and improper disposal of waste in cities and other regions. They imposed special offence and penalties for these illegal activities. In addition to these order, the authorities also facilitated some technical supports like adequate waste collection service, waste transportation service, waste treatment plants, special recycling units for commercial and industrial zones etc…

As a part of waste recycling, some recycling units been established under government authorities for recycling Construction & Demolition waste. Also put foundation for wastewater treatment plants for both industrial and commercial zones. The facility is equipped with chemical treatment plant, Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Solid and Liquid Waste management’s and lots more. Some corporative firms also provide sewage disposal and transportation service to make an impact on public cleanliness. Emvees is one among the provider in offering service for making the city clean.

Emvees, came into existence in 2006, in Ajman in the UAE, started with a clear vision to supply and support the best known reliable water & waste water systems to the Engineering, Commercial and Industrial segments in the UAE. Emvees is in pledge with UAE government to make “Clean City”