Waste Management in Food Industries

The UAE is increasingly becoming a major destination for the global tourists and business managers, thereby increasing the necessity for responsible hospitality services. This has in turn increased the number of hotels and the productivity in the food industry has risen to meet the demand.

Waste management is one of the major concerns in the Food Industry, especially in the view of the strict laws and guidelines of the government and local bodies for environment protection and preservation. Managing food waste is a complex process because of its latently pathogenic nature, unstable autoxidization rate, its potential to turn into a biohazard with its high level of perishability and enzymatic activity.

The food waste or residue can be solid or liquid, and even in these two categories, there can be different types of waste materials that need to be handled differently. The origin & source of each types of food waste plays a key role in determining its disposal strategy and technique. While biogas plants are being touted as the most eco-friendly way to treat food waste, chemical treatments and various other modern methods are also rapidly gaining popularity due to the cost efficiency and simplicity.

A new technology that has been introduced for food waste disposal & management is the Bio Thermic Digester. This machine, using its 3 chambers, reduces the volume of food waste by more than 95% and ensures that whatever remains can be used as an organic fertilizer or soil conditioner. The key factor behind this is the Thermophyllic which eat through the food waste and release heat as a byproduct, keeping the temperature inside the machine optimal and favorable for the process. Another benefit of the high temperature is that the end product will be sterilized and shall have no bacteria in it, thus making it suitable to be used directly. This makes BTD the most efficient machine for food waste management.

The BTD was introduced into the industry byEmveesTech, a reputed waste disposal and solution provider in the UAE.