Take up the Challenge and Protect your Water Resources

Protecting our water resources, that we rely on constantly, is the responsibility of every citizen. It’s not just the amount or source of water that matters, quality of water should be given equal importance.

The EarthEcho Water Challenge lets you supervise local waterbodies, along with creating public awareness about the importance of conserving water resources. EarthEcho International, a non-profit organization founded on the notion that youngsters have the potential to change our planet, conducts the challenge.

The challenge involves:

  • Testing : Using a simple kit to understand the quality of local water bodies
  • Sharing: Entering data to the official website along with sharing the story and photos of the contestant on social media using @MonitorWater #MonitorWater.
  • Protecting: Based on the test results, one can take appropriate action to protect the water resources. For this, information and resources available on the official website will come in handy.

“The water that sustains our cities and towns need our focus and support to keep these essential resources healthy and clean; we can’t depend on local or federal regulations alone to protect our community water,” said EarthEcho founder Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

EarthEcho Water Challenge starts on March 22 and lasts till December.