Ultrafiltration Membrane Bio Reactor- MBR

Ultrafiltration Membrane Bio Reactor- MBR

Emvees introduces MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor), a state-of-the-art membrane separation technology which can produce very high quality water with highest possible bacterial reduction, from a waste water stream, without addition of any chemicals.  MBR has many advantages such as the high quality of treated water, smaller space for installation and easier operation compared to conventional activated sludge process. Designed to produce high quality treated water from wastewater the Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) is among the latest technologies in biological treatment.

The characteristic of the MBR process is the use of revolutionary submerged Ultrafiltration membranes in the biological process water tank, so as to produce high quality permeate and used for the following streams.

Domestic sewage
  • Primary and secondary waste water
  • Pre-treatment for RO
  • Cooling tower blow down etc.

The MBR is also ideal for retrofitting/augmenting capacity/quality of existing wastewater plants. MBR can handle very high sludge concentrations in the aeration tank because of which the size of the aeration tank reduces four to five folds.  As the membrane acts as a fine filter, it does not require any further treatment using sand filters, activated carbon filters, etc. The MBR plant is available in standard and customized modules.

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