Bio Thermic Digester


The Process…The Advetec Way Advetec’s BioThermic Digesters (BTD) is the most advanced solution for processing organic waste. The process uses heat energy to vaporize off the moisture content in the organic solid waste and then fed by extremophyllic bacteria which thrives at high temperature, thus reducing the waste content, 80% upto 95% of the original volume.

  • Organic Solid Waste Reduction, 80% Up To 95% Of The Feed
  • Capacities Ranging From 450 Kg Per Day Upto 18 Tons Per Day

The BTD essentially has a series of chambers, depending on the unit capacity, made in the UK to exacting standards in SS 316 L grade and a timer based conveying system, which helps transport the stream from one chamber to the other. The system is fully automated and plc based, with minimum requirement of personnel after the unit has stabilized. The heating requirement and temperature setting of the compartments will be programmed into the plc…then on, the system works automatically, including the dosing of the innoculants and the stimulants, as required by the system.

The BTD uses non-chemical inoculants and stimulants which are blends of naturally occurring plant matter that invigorates the extremophiles and stimulates metabolic process to work more effectively. As the bacteria eat more and more organics they produce heat to a point that it causes the base BTD operating temperature to be in the range of 150 – 200 C, thus reducing the power to heat up the compartments, which is the first phase of the process.

BTD Gallery Models With Capacities

Capacity / day


Capacity / day

Alpha 1

450 kg

Delta 1

6.0 Ton

Alpha 2

600 kg

Delta 2

7.5 Ton

Alpha 3

700 kg

Delta 3

10.0 Ton

Bravo 1

1.1 Ton


12.0 Ton

Bravo 2

1.5 Ton

Bravo 3

1.8 Ton


18.0 Ton

Charlie 1

2.5 Ton

Modular systems possible to increase the capacity upto 216 Tons per day
Charlie 2

3.4 Ton

Charlie 3

4.2 Ton

The layout of an 18 tons per day BTD unit, which also can be a containerized unit

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