Operations and Maintenance of WWTP


Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP), meaning both STPs and ETPs, have been in operation in the UAE since long. The specialized contractor, like Emvees, designs and implements the project to treat the wastewater, runs it for an agreed period of time, trains the operators and hands over the plant to the Client.

Once the Client takes over the WWTP, then the problems arise…dosages are incorrect, the flow is not optimal, the treated water quality becomes bad…in short, the WWTPs become the biggest headache for the Client since the operation becomes a big hassle and too complicated for the Client. If this happens for the ETP in a process industry, such issues can even lead to factory closure due to overflows and buildup of treated waste water, not in compliance with the regulatory authorities’ disposal standards.

Emvees now has a solution to all problems in WWTPs…we take up the entire O&M of the plants, by offering experienced operators, 24×7…365 days.

We take up all the issues with ETPs & STP’s so that our Client can concentrate on their core strengths and improve the productivity of the organization. Our well experienced staff will look into all aspects of the WWTP as below.

  • O&M of the WWTP
  • Experienced operators
  • Hassle free operation at all times
  • Excellent service back up
  • Supply of high quality chemicals
Emvees also brings about the AMC concept, that includes the following:
  • Weekly or Fortnightly visits to the site to check on the WWTP
  • Troubleshooting of issues in WWTP
  • Quick response team available
  • Contract with supply of chemicals

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