Recycled water in UAE is free of Corona Virus

Treated sewage water is free from the corona virus and can be used for irrigation and municipal distribution, reveals a new research by a team of experts from the Khalifa University of Science and Technology (KU),

The research was based on samples from three different plants across three emirates. It was done as a means to record the spread of the virus and for early detection. The research which was done in association with the Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE) and other organizations was not able to find any trace of the corona virus in the treated water.

The researchers has approved that the water can be used for irrigation purposes and municipal distribution like it was used to before the pandemic struck.

Mohammed bin Jarash Al Falasi, undersecretary of the DoE Abu Dhabi stated, “The cooperation for the project represents the efforts put in with partners by the sector to ensure that the recycled water is free of any diseases. The Department of Energy’s top priority is to preserve the public health and we have multiplied our efforts since the beginning of the pandemic.”

Al Falasi also explained that the waste water treatment in Abu Dhabi is done with the most efficient and best quality treatment system in the world, called the triple treatment system. The samples of the recycled water are collected after the treatment process for regular analysis. These results are reviewed and monitored for better safety, he added.

“Khalifa University continues to do projects related to the COVID-19 pandemic and through collaboration with the government entities on similar projects to support the country’s efforts in ensuring good health of the public. We are also delighted to offer our expertise in this area for reusing water and management of scarce natural resources. We will continue to offer our infrastructure to support stakeholders in the government sector, for tackling challenges posed by the pandemic”, said, Dr. Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, executive vice president at the KU.

Research teams all across the world are now planning to launch a national effort on the surveillance of the corona virus following the united initiative of UAE and KU.

Even though some countries in Europe and North America published results indicating the presence of the virus in waste water, only a few jurisdictions have replicated the frequency and degree of testing.

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