Water Treatment Chemicals

Speciality Chemicals for Chillers

Closed chilled water systems need to be dosed with nitrite or molybdate based corrosion inhibitors to prevent the corrosion of chilled water pipes. We provide the following range of specialty chemicals:

  • Cleaning chemical - neutral pH cleaner for initial flushing
  • Nitrite, as well as molybdate, based corrosion inhibitors.
  • Biocides to prevent bacterial fouling of the closed system

Automatic Controllers & Dosing Pumps for Effective Chemical Dosing

Speciality Chemicals for CoolingSpeciality Chemicals for Cooling TowersSpeciality Chemicals for Cooling Towers
Speciality Chemicals for Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers requires comprehensive and effective treatment using scale inhibitors, dispersants, and biocides.

We offer a comprehensive range of Cooling Water Treatment –

  • Cleaning chemical - neutral pH cleaner
  • Scale/ Corrosion inhibitors
  • Dispersants
  • Effective biocides for algae/ microbiological control

Automatic Dosing Systems for Effective Cooling Water Treatment

Specialty Chemicals for Boilers

Proper maintenance of boiler water should be executed only by well-experienced personnel with thorough knowledge of water chemistry and the use of specialty chemicals.
Apart from this expertise, Emvees provides the following chemicals and equipment to prevent corrosion and scale formation in boiler tubes:

  • Oxygen Scavenger ( Sulfite/ DEHA)
  • Sludge conditioner
  • Alkalinity builder
  • Condensate return line treatment
  • Softener with resins for soft water production.

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