Grease Traps


Grease traps are made compulsory by the government authorities in restaurants and food processing industries in order to intercept most of the solids, grease, and oils present in the wastewater before it is being discharged into the common wastewater disposal system. Wastewater generating from the restaurants with a high content of viscous fat and cooking grease when released untreated to the common disposal system may combine with other solids present in the stream and will lead to the blockage of drain pipes.

Emvees supply and install the Grease Traps Specified below:-

  • Type -A Grease Trap
  • Type -B Grease Trap
  • Type -C Grease Trap
  • Type -D Grease Trap

Grease traps reduce the amount of fat, oil, and grease that enters the sewer lines. They can be installed underground, above ground, inside the kitchen and outside the building. They only have the kitchen waste water flowing through them and do not serve any other drainage system such as toilets. The other main issues which can be solved using grease traps are bad odors generated, sanitation problems, drain back up etc.

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