Play your role every bit a “Redeemer of Nature” – Earth day 2016

“ Reduce, Recyle, Restore and Refill” let this 4R’s be your pledge for Earth day this year, which is going to celebrate on April 22, 2016. Earth day is an annual event which has been celebrated on April 22 every year in the world wide. This has been celebrated since 1970 by Americans and now more than 170 states are taking part in this event with the concept of preserving Mother Nature.

“Love the Earth: it’s the only one we’ve got”. This slogan makes you think really deep, Right? Yes! The Earth is our mother nature who gives rich natural resources. It’s not merely a bit of ground, but it is our spirit. If we lose… then what chances? Where our future generation will sustain… can’t even guess about it, right?

Now a day’s, pollution and industrial development effected the environment and prompt the destruction of life on Earth. It has destroyed the resources and made life more inconvenient. Dumping of food, plastic, chemical and sewage waste due to the wider growth of residential and industrial sectors has affected water and air, which is the most basic need of living beings. The nature is expelling poisonous environment all through and becoming a life hazard to human beings to live on Earth. Hence it is necessary to take serious steps to preserve our mother nature and future generation for blissful living. Let’s take a stern responsibility in preserving our precious resources with the idea of the 4R’s (Reduce, Recyle, Restore and Refill). This facilitates us to keep up our Earth and life.

Once St. Mother Teresa has said “I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things we could use.” Dumping waste, whether it may be food, plastics or sewage into the living environment carelessly is one of the malicious act among humans. We cannot blame public authorities for this brutality. It is each one’s responsibility to hold your city clean and rethink on what you have done to nature.

The concept of conducting Earth day is set forth due to the issues raised against the surroundings. This mishandling mother nature has intended each citizen to do something for planet conservation and natural resources. Even trash pickup from the neighborhood or local park meant to be a good event activity to boost up the Earthday .

The Earthday boosted worldwide recycling activities and prompted to change a lot. Bringing this into consideration many industries has been delivering services for wastewater management, sewage treatment, waste water treatment etc. Emvees Technical Service is proudly in one among that. We are with the concept of “Working towards a better environment”. We stand for safe, healthier and cleaner environment. We are dedicated to establishing a sustainable environment by offering Sweage Treatment plants, Industrial, kitchen, vehicle waste water treatment plants, Reverse Osmosis Plants etc.… We are really proud in playing our role in protecting our Earth.
Are you being a part of saving your Earth? If yes, then you won the title of “Redeemer of Nature”.