Our Projects

  • ETP plant for a Food Processing plant in Dubai (Capacity 75 m3/day)
  • ETP for a leading Pharmaceutical Company in RAK ( Capacity 1000 m3/day)
  • Anaerobic Treatment for a Tobacco factory in Sharjah (Capacity 25 m3/day)
  • ETP for a leading Juice processing plant in Alain (Capacity 100 m3/day)
  • ETP Plant for a frozen food processing factory in RAK ( Capacity 60 m3/day)
  • Vehicle wash water treatment for Reuse ( Capacity 40 m3/day)
  • Revamping of STP in RUWAIS, Abudhabi ( Capacity 200 m3/day)
  • ETP for a Metal Coating factory ( Capacity20 m3/day)
  • Bio Thermic Digester Capacity 1 MTD for a leading MNC in Sharjah
  • Bio Thermic Digester Capacity 3 MTD plant for a leading Chocolate manufacturing company in Sharjah.
  • MBR plant for sewage treatment for a prominent developer in UAE (Capacity: 200 m3/day)
  • ETP for a leading food industry in UAE (Capacity: 200 m3/day)
  • Re-vamp of ETP in an edible oil factory in UAE (Capacity: 250 m3/day)
  • Re-vamp, start up of & O&M of ETP with anaerobic reactor for a chocolate factory in UAE Capacity: 200 m3/day)
  • O&M for grey water treatment plant in UAE (Capacity: 100 m3/day)
  • O&M for MBR plant for sewage treatment (Capacity: 200 m3/day)
  • Flushing, chemical cleaning & passivation of chilled water system, using side stream filters and specialty chemicals Chiller Capacity: 3 X 400 TR)
  • De-scaling, chemical cleaning & passivation of Steam boiler in UAE (Boiler capacity: 5 Ton/hr)
  • Design, Supply, installation & Commissioning of fully automatic central water filtration system for a 5 star hotel in UAE, with automatic softening system (Capacity: 25 m3/hr)
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of swimming pool filtration system, using crushed glass media from Dryden Aqua UK. (Capacity: 30 m3/hr)
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“Thanks a lot for all your help. I have found Emvees to be very professional and efficient and I am very happy with the service I have received. I will not hesitate to recommend you to any colleagues.”


“It was an acquaintance of us who recommended Emvees Waste Water LLC to us. Even though sceptical initially, we decided to approach them and we are happy to say that it’s by far the best decision we have taken.”


“Emvees undertakes projects meticulously. The ready to attitude is what attracted me the most and I appreciate my colleagues when it comes to Water Treatment projects in UAE.”