ODOR Control Chemicals


Emvees supply a wide range of unmatched quality Bio Stimulation Products, which is demanded by all nowadays. Our Bio Augmentation products are being used in various big and reputed industries especially hotels and restaurants due to the reliability and best results.

  • Bio-enzymes:We also deal with Bio-enzymes which are mixtures of special natural occurring bacteria, which are both aerobic and anaerobic. They are non-toxic, non-pathogenic and non-opportunistic to tally harmless to human beings.

Bio-enzymes are useful for:-

  • Reducing BOD/COD loads in existing ETP/STP
  • Eliminating unpleasant odors
  • Reducing sludge volumes
  • Degradation of oil spills on water
  • Clears grease traps and septic tanks
  • Degrades organic compounds and solvents like phenols, cresols, aldehydes, and ketones etc. which are difficult to treat in normal ETP conventional process.

Some of our Bio-Augmentation products are as follows:-

Tank Wizard Gold is a 100% natural biotic formulation made from natural plant extracts, minerals and vitamins which when dosed into a septic tank system or a household domestic drain system will reduce the scum and fats within both the pipelines and collection tank by rejuvenating the natural bacteriological activity. The product also controls odor and significantly reduce the need to empty a septic tank system. The use of the product has shown to reduce levels in the discharge held from septic tank systems and bring them into governmental compliance.


  • Shake Bottle and remove the cap, pour into the highest discharge point i.e., drain trap or wash basin.
  • For the best results use 20ml dose initially for the first 7 days to “kickstart” the process.
  • Average septic tank for a family of 4 requires 20ml per week thereafter. Dose 20ml once per night into a suitable sink or shower drain.
  • Then apply weekly last thing at night into the same drain. Flush through for about 10 seconds after application with warm water.


  • 1 Litre Bottle

STORAGE In a cool dark place, away from direct sunlight.

EOC 2100

EOC 2100 is an odor control chemical that contains natural ingredients which fight unpleasant odor by absorbing chemicals/particles such as hydrogen sulphide, ammonia etc. It produces a long-lasting effect by eliminating the odor entirely through the bio degradation of these odor producing chemicals. This can be applied directly into wastewater streams and can also be sprayed into an ambient atmosphere to remove odors. It is a free-flowing liquid with a fresh mint fragrance which completely eliminates the bad odor instead of just masking them. EOC 2100 will be an efficient remedial measure to control unpleasant odors generating from garbage pails, dumpsters, Landfills, high odor areas of treatment plant etc.


Bio Tabs proves to be an economical and reliable solution for septic tank maintenance system. It contains strains of bacteria and bacterial enzymes which bio degrades the organic material comprised of proteins, fat and carbo hydrates. It can work effectively in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. It contains biological nutrients & stimulants with almost one billion cu.ft bacteria per tablet. Advantages of using Bio tabs in Septic tank maintenance system is as follows:

  • Improves Pipe Purification
  • Reduces Sludge
  • Eliminate unpleasant odors
  • Prevents pipe & drain Blockage
  • Bio Degrades paper, oil, greases and waste faster
  • Replaces chemical products

DOSING APPLICATION Two Tabs in the Startup Month followed by one tab per month for maintenance.

Tank Wizard O2-BOOSTER

For the efficient wastewater treatment, sufficient oxygen should be present in the water. Anaerobic conditions may set in easily in the absence of oxygen allowing the formation of hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, and other chemicals that release unpleasant odors. Abundant oxygen content in the water enhances the bio degradation of the contaminants present and removes excess nutrients present in the stream. Emvees offer a new Bio Stimulation Product named O2- Booster that can stimulate these beneficial aerobic conditions required for efficient waste water treatment. The Slow release supply of oxygen provided by O2- Boosters will nurture the biomass growth which in turns speed up the bio degradation of the contaminants present in the waste water. It also fights the unpleasant odors present in the waste water through the oxidation of odorous substances such as ammonia, hydrogen sulphide gas etc. O2-Booster can be used to improve aerobic conditions in a variety of applications:

  • Ponds
  • SewageWaste
  • water Lagoons
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • PlantsHolding
  • TanksAquaculture

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