International Water Summit 2019

International water summit will be held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from 14th to 17th January 2019. The 4-day event, also known as WFES Water, is a part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week.

The event that promotes water sustainability in dry regions will showcase products from various sectors like energy efficient desalination, distribution and sewage networks, wastewater and water re-use in commercial buildings, water re-use and resource reclamation, water/wastewater treatment and management and water for agriculture.  Government leaders, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, technologists, policymakers and trade visitors will be part of the event.

Key topics that will be discussed at the forum;

  • Update on the UAE’s 2036 Water Security Strategy
  • Harnessing Renewable Technology to Reduce the Energy Footprint of Water
  • Developing an Integrated Water Management Strategy to Optimise Efficiency, Security and Sustainability in GCC countries
  • Increasing the Use of RO to Supply Low-Carbon, Cost Efficient Water
  • Water and Food: UN SDGs and Resource Sustainability
  • Water-Food and the Bio‐Economy: Future Challenges and Solutions
  • Aquifer Management & Water Security

The topic on importance of water is something that doesn’t need any special emphasis on, as we are all aware of the same. Many of us take water for granted; but unfortunately, it’s not an infinite source we imagine it to be.

Waste water management and recycling is really crucial, in order to combat the issue of pollution and water shortage. Implementing sustainable methods to treat wastewater from houses, companies and any other establishments, is of crucial importance.

There are numerous companies that provide a wide range of water treatment products and services and help clients go green.