Industrial Waste Water Treatment (ETP)

Industrial Waste Water Treatment (ETP)

Industrial Waste water Treatment

Emvees is reputed for the design, supply, installation, and commissioning of industrial wastewater treatment plants for all types of streams. We offer DAF, anaerobic, aerobic/biological, physicochemical, and membrane treatments. We also provide systems tailored to meet client requirements.

We strongly recommend the reuse option for substantial wastewater volumes, which involves the use of Ultra Filtration (UF) followed by Reverse Osmosis (RO).

Industrial wastewaters are usually treated biologically using MBBR technology, followed by sedimentation and tertiary treatment. We also specialize in customized services for cases where biological treatment cannot be used (in low BOD streams with very high COD rates).

We offer the following services for Industrial Wastewater Treatment:
  • Designing Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs).
  • Revamping existing ETPs.
  • Supply, installation, and commissioning of ETPs.
  • Consultancy and detailed engineering services for ETPs.
  • Operation and maintenance of ETPs.
  • Bio-augmentation & odor control of wastewater streams.
  • Supplying consumables/chemicals for ETPs.

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