How Important is to Treat Wastewater from Food Industries

Water plays an integral role in the food industry as it uses a huge amount of it, throughout the food production process. Water finds its place in a variety of roles in the industry, from being an ingredient and a cleaning source to an effectual transportation conveyor of raw materials and the chief agent for disinfecting plant machinery and work areas.

The huge amount of water also means a huge amount of wastewater; hence proper Wastewater Treatment Solutions using effective treatment plans is a must. The volume and properties of food industry wastewater are not the same, it varies with the products and production procedures. Certain criteria such as wastewater characteristics, site conditions of the wastewater treatment plant, and economic efficiency of the treatment should be taken into consideration before you go ahead with a treatment plant.

Removing pathogens and impurities that are harmful to our health is one of the primary roles of the treatment plant. The process involves adding an absorbent material to the water, filtering the water and adding a small amount of disinfectant.The treated wastewater can be reused for a variety of purposes or can be discarded. In countries that face water scarcity problems, recycling has turned out to be really crucial and it is a need more than an option.

There had been several changes in laws regarding recycling of water, as in the past the use of recycled water was limited to certain sectors. It was used for cooling purposes, general facility cleaning and agriculture. Direct reuse was not accepted in the food industry; contrary to this now it is acceptable to use recycled water in processes such as initial washing of vegetables.

Wastewater treatment is not something that can be taken casually as a simple mistake can cause serious damage to the environment and human beings. The process should follow certain legal requirements and should be able to meet the quality and safety criteria. Let’s save our environment and fellow beings from the harmful effects of water pollution; all it takes is a proper Treatment plant!