The Importance of Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Have you ever thought about the quality of water before you plunge into a swimming pool? We think zillion times about hygiene when it comes to drinking water, hotel food and washrooms. But how about a pool, where we spent hours swimming and playing?

A pool that isn’t subject to proper treatment is disgusting and toxic at the same time. It can cause serious health problems such as skin and eye irritation, nausea and many more. Many educational institutions have included swimming as a sports activity in their curriculum, hence even small kids have started using pools regularly.

It goes without saying that clear and clean water in pools is a must and this can be made possible with regular treatment. Swimming Pool Treatment at regular intervals will ensure that the water is free from harmful substances, bacteria, viruses, algae, and other pathogens.

To have a perfectly balanced pool, the measurements of pH and Chlorine need to be correct, especially the pH. If the pH is on the higher side, there will be a waste of chlorine since the reaction to kill the bacteria is undermined if the pH is not within the limits. Hence the use of a reliable pool controller is necessitated in all leading pools and strictly being followed so in the UAE.

The purification process of water from swimming pools starts off with the water being transported to a purification plant. The water will then flow through a hair removal filter that helps in removing raw pollutants such as hair, plasters, and leaves. This is followed by the addition of a flocculant, that results in smaller colloids such as skin tissues and textile fibers binding together. Floating particles present in water are removed with the support of a sand filter and pollutants are finally discharged into the sewer.

Do not let swimming pools be a breeding ground for algae, bacteria and other micro-organisms that carry diseases. Treat it occasionally and remain safe. There are numerous renownedWastewater Treatment Companies like Emveestech that can help you with the process.