How water recycling helps environment

Water is one of the basic needs of living being. Human life is sustained upon fresh water. Clean water is one of the best nutrients that can be consumed for healthy life. During this decades the consumption of fresh water has been increased and availability of fresh water has been decreased. This happened due to the rise of rural areas to urban and civilized towns with hotel, industries, commercial and residential areas. Waste water recycling is the better term for saving fresh water. Recycled water is useful for the purpose such as irrigation, industrial purpose, toilet cleaning and flushing, gardening, farming etc. This water recycling process enables the government authorizes in case of financial and resources saving.

Water recycling enables to preserve fresh water and make it beneficial for ecology including wildlife, plants and seawater animals. Reused water for irrigation enables to maintain ecosystem with “Go Green” concept. Water recycling helps environment in many ways:

  • Reduce pollution

Water pollution has been caused due to the rise of industrial and commercial sectors. It affected the whole ecosystem and wildlife. It reduced fresh water quality level to the lowest percentage. Recycling waste water method helps to reduce pollution by decreasing the dumping of waste water to environment. The wastewater Treatment Plant purifies water from all impurities through advance treatment technology. This enables to reuse water for industrial and commercial purpose by maintaining ecosystem and fresh water level.

  • Sustain wetlands

Wetlands are the areas where water covers soils, saturated area consisting of marshes or swamps. It is the area that is beneficial for wildlife habitats, water quality improvement, fisheries breeding grounds etc. Discharging recycled water to wetlands enhance to maintain aquatic and riparian ecosystem.

  • Maintain Aquatic habitants

Aquatic habitants, wildlife and plants are dependent on fresh water for its growth and reproduction. The consumption of fresh water by industrial, irrigational and commercial sectors has decreased the quantity and quality of fresh water. That has become dangerous hazards to the habitats that depend on fresh water. This problem can be solved by using recycled water by industries and irrigational sectors, which could help to preserve fresh water for Aquatic habitants, wildlife and plants.

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