Hopefully, NOT the Last Game!

Sports fanatics are eagerly waiting for “The last ice hockey game on the North Pole”, that is going to be held in April 2019. The UN Environment, in partnership with the Republic of Sports Foundation and with the support of Grid Arendal, is organizing the event.

What makes the event special is its symbolic nature; its aim is to make the world aware of the rapidly disappearing ice in the Polar regions. Russian ice hockey player, Viacheslav Fetisov, who is the UN Environment Patron of the Polar Regions, will lead the event.

At the event, one can expect vast diversity of female and male players from across the globe, who aims to draw together sports and environment as agents of peace. Fetisov sees this as an opportunity to remind people “that we don’t have a planet B”. He further adds, “Sport and environment are two spheres that will unite people and help us to protect the earth – our common heritage,” as quoted by the UN Environment. The Arctic region, which is one of the earth’s most feeble ecosystems, is currently shrinking.

Global warming has resulted in a rise in temperatures, loss of sea ice and melting of the Greenland ice sheet in the Arctic. Any form of climate change is expected to effect the Arctic, as it is extremely vulnerable. If predictions are to be believed, the Arctic Ocean will be ice-free by 2040.

The event is already gaining momentum, with many personalities and institutions expressing their support for the same. UN Secretary-General, the Holy See’s Pontifical Council for Culture, Prince Albert II of Monaco and the National Geographic Pristine Seas initiative are a notable few among the supporters.

Hopefully, the event will turn out to be successful in fulfilling its aim and measures will be taken to curb the situation.