High priority treatment of Industrial wastewater in UAE

Environmental awareness is growing around the globe, with the industrial sector being the leading source of improperly handled wastewater. Industrial wastewater disposal has turned out to be a high priority issue. Industrial waste contains pollutants that are usually so harmful that they must be treated before being reused or disposed of in water bodies. An effective treatment method must meet the government’s requirements for community concerns.

Wastewater treatment plant in UAE

The UAE’s freshwater supplies have been put under severe strain as a result of growing urbanization and population increase. Addressing the rising shortage of water necessitates establishing a sustainable water cycle. Wastewater is a major source of water that may satisfy a large portion of the need. Due to the harmful effects of urban and industrial waste on water, land, air, and agricultural products, wastewater treatment plants in the UAE, as well as effective burial of the industrial effluents, are required for environmental protection. Effective wastewater treatment facilities in the UAE have a significant impact on water conservation and reducing avoidable water losses.

Emvees wastewater treatment system

Emvees has a solid reputation for designing, supplying, installing, and commissioning industrial wastewater treatment systems for a variety of streams. Wastewater treatment system include DAF, anaerobic, aerobic/biological, physicochemical, and membrane. Pathogenic bacteria, suspended materials, submerged metals, fats and oils, organic compounds that may be volatile, and toxic organic compounds are all treated in a conventional emvees wastewater treatment system.

Emvees produces and supports Membrane Bioreactor Technologies (MBR) systems to meet increasingly rigorous water quality needs in sewage and industrial wastewater treatment, followed by sedimentation and tertiary treatment. We also offer specialized services in circumstances when biological therapy is not an option (in low BOD streams with very high COD rates). Also, takes the special role of providing both modern wastewater treatment technologies and downstream membrane-based treatment systems for the generation of high-quality water. The water generated by combining the two processes can then be used in water reuse or recycling applications.

Emvees provides services to the following industries:

  • Beverage Industries

Water used for equipment cleaning is recycled at our biological water treatment facility and reused for other activities.

  • Tobacco Industries

For optimal removal of organic loads from wastewater generated by the tobacco industry, Emvees suggests aerobic and anaerobic treatment techniques.

  • Pharmaceutical Industries

Emvees produce high-quality wastewater that is free of pathogens using cutting-edge goods and technology.

  • Metal Coat Recycling

We offer the ideal solution to help you streamline your process and deal with the wastewater issues that this sector faces.

  • Food Industries

We work with food processing plants that need on-site cleanup before their wastewater may be released into a canal or sewage system.

  • Laundry Cleaning and Recycling

Emvees provides a variety of cost-effective, energy-efficient, and ecologically friendly laundry water treatment alternatives.

  • Ready Mix Concrete Industry

The microscopic particles that stay in the wastewater after concrete manufacture are successfully removed by our cement plant water treatment systems.


Wastewater treatment is one of the most pressing concerns confronting our generation, and it should be given top consideration. The preservation of human health and the environment is the most important consideration in wastewater treatment.