‘Green’ Expo 2020 – How Expo 2020 is Converting Waste into Innovative Products

Expo 2020 is one of the most awaited events that the whole world is looking upon. It is going to be a game-changer in the history of business. But, it’s not the innovative technologies that will be showcased at the event that is in news now. The strategies the government is planning to implement to convert waste into treasure at the expo site, is what is garnering attention right now.

The expo team has partnered with a waste management firm to convert organic waste generated at the expo into certain useful items. The things we throw away has hidden value in them and realizing this, the company is coming up with new technologies to convert these into everyday items.

Paper and carboard will be recycled to produce items such as cup holders, seed pots, boutique gift boxes and upcycling glass. Plastic waste will be used to create expo-branded mementos.

The mission of the waste management company is to convert 85 percent of the waste from landfill. The last expo in Milan targeted towards a rate of 67 percent. Since some items are beyond the process of recycling, 100 percent conversion is something that is unachievable.

Thousands of events happen around the  globe on a daily basis and at end of the day, what is left is tons of waste. If we take some time and come up with initiatives to turn these waste into useful things, like Expo 2020, the earth would have been much greener!