Emvees Water Treatment System to Guide Car Washing Process

Water is a fundamental factor in every business, especially when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. For a long time, car washing in public areas has been banned in many localities. The ban was primarily motivated by environmental concerns affecting the unpredictable UAE climate conditions, as they contain oils, lubricants, hydrocarbons, suspended debris, heavy metals, and microorganisms, all of which get collected in the soil and pose a threat to groundwater. As a result, car wash wastewater contaminates streams and it’s high time that there need to be an effective solution for the water treatment in the automobile wash business.

Emvees water treatment methods have been scientifically verified and perfected, allowing auto repair centres to reuse water for pre-washing, conserving water resources. Based on the source and pollution, waste water is dealt with separately.

Since the water in a car wash can be affected by microbial contamination, both employees and customers must be safeguarded from any health risks. This is especially true when contaminated washing water is discharged into confined spaces. People with low immune systems may consume the generated aerosols, which can lead to infection with potentially hazardous viruses.

As the automobile industry is booming all around the globe, vehicles are gradually increasing in proportion to the population, and in order to keep these automobiles in close contact with society without causing any mental or physical consequences, several new techniques and methods must be devised and implemented as soon as possible.

The most important need in a car wash is to remove all of these pollutants from the wash water, which is usually accomplished by physicochemical treatment done by Emvees. For this form of wastewater treatment, membrane treatment is also available. Vehicle washing is becoming more popular in the market, especially for personal, commercial, and construction applications. We provide a tried-and-true car wash water recycling technology that allows water to be reused in a cost-effective way.