Emvees in technical association with Cembrane AS of Denmark

Emvees, in technical association with Cembrane A/S of Denmark, have retrofitted Silicon Carbide (SiC) membranes into a MBR plant which was previously fitted with a polymeric membrane, at the ETP of a food factory in Sharjah in the UAE.

The ETP has a capacity of 250 m3/day, with an inlet BOD/ COD of 5000/ 8000 mg/l, in order. The clarified water from the MBR goes into a RO plant and the water is then re-used in the Cooling towers and for the boilers in the factory complex.

The SiC membranes have attained a flux rate of 80 LMH, at least 6 times the flux that was prevalent with the previous polymeric membranes in use in the MBR plant, with a TMP of 180-200 mbars. The treated water is extremely clear and the MBR is operating well. This plant earns the distinction of having the first ever MBR fitted with SiC membranes, with a capacity of 250 m3/day.
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