Dubai & Vietnam Build Strategic Trade Partnership

The recently concluded ‘New Horizons Roadshow’ mission spearheaded by the Dubai International Chamber has yielded impressive results, fostering a whopping 180 bilateral meetings between companies from both Dubai and Vietnam regions. This surge in collaboration signifies a promising future for trade between these dynamic economies.

New Horizons for Dubai Companies

This mission falls under the “New Horizons” initiative, designed to propel Dubai businesses into high-potential markets like Vietnam. Representatives from 17 Dubai companies, spanning sectors like food, healthcare, and IT, connected with potential Vietnamese partners, opening doors for mutually beneficial ventures.

The Vietnam leg of the mission kicked off with a bang in Ho Chi Minh City! A special business forum titled “Doing Business with Vietnam” brought together a powerhouse of attendees. Organized by the Dubai International Chamber, the event received crucial support from the UAE Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Investment & Trade Promotion Centre (ITPC) of Vietnam. This insightful forum attracted a whopping 238 VIP officials, business leaders, and Vietnamese companies, all eager to explore potential partnerships with the Dubai delegation. The event set the stage for a week of productive collaboration and exciting opportunities.

Building on a Strong Foundation

The success story doesn’t stop there. Non-oil trade between Dubai and Vietnam has soared by 12.2% in 2023, reaching a remarkable AED 31.7 billion! This upward trend is fuelled by a shared vision for the future, with a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) on the horizon. This will further streamline trade and unlock even greater opportunities.

Beyond Numbers: A Strategic Alliance

This partnership goes beyond mere statistics. Dubai acts as a vital gateway for Vietnamese goods, connecting them to a global audience. In turn, Vietnamese businesses gain access to Dubai’s expertise in areas like logistics and infrastructure. This two-way street fosters robust economic ties.

Knowledge is Power: Building Bridges for Success

Knowledge exchange is a vital aspect of this partnership. Events like the “Doing Business with Vietnam” forum, facilitated by the Dubai International Chamber, equip businesses with the tools they need to navigate each other’s markets.

A World of Opportunity Takes Flight

With a strong foundation in place and a shared vision for the future, the sky’s the limit for the Dubai-Vietnam trade partnership. Exciting opportunities lie ahead in sectors like food, manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism.

Spotlight on Sustainability

Emvees, one of the key representatives, actively engaged in 180 bilateral meetings during the Dubai Chamber’s trade mission in Vietnam. These meetings were instrumental in fostering the remarkable growth of non-oil bilateral trade between Dubai and Vietnam. Collaboration in sectors like renewable energy and waste management presents a win-win scenario for both economies and the environment.

Emvees: Your Trusted Partner!

As a company dedicated to sustainable solutions, Emvees is thrilled by the growing focus on environmental responsibility within this partnership. Emvees stands ready to be your guide in this flourishing economic landscape. We offer environmental and wastewater treatment solutions tailored to the specific needs of both Dubai and southeast Asian businesses.

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