Dubai Expo focuses on safeguarding our Natural Ecosystem

Humanity is being confronted with enormous challenges in order to survive on the planet. These issues include anything from climate change to water conservation. Expo 2020 Dubai, which is now the talk of the town, is taking steps to address these global issues. They examine humanity’s most pressing issues via a cultural, social, environmental, and economic perspective as part of People and Planet Programme.

The mammoth event’s setting is lush with greenery and water, the result of a partnership between the expo organizers and the Dubai Municipality, which is on a quest to develop sustainable Eco greenery and reduce water usage.

Water is vital for hygiene, healthcare, education, business, and industry, but global warming is turning water more limited, dirty, and unreliable. On site, all major Expo 2020 structures have been intended to use 40% less potable water than typical buildings owing to innovations like utilizing condensation from air conditioning systems for toilet flushing and agriculture. Water week, one of Expo 2020’s main thematic weeks, will begin on March 22, 2021, to meet with World Water Day, featuring encounters and concepts.

Waste reduction is another major priority. As part of the UAE’s waste management sector, Expo 2020 Dubai has achieved a big step toward its goal of diverting 85 percent of trash from landfill. The expo officials’ implementation of the Planet over Plastic Pledge to eliminate packaging and single-use products and recycle on site is a great effort.

One of the three major themes at the Dubai expo is sustainability, with the other two being mobility and opportunity. The site’s architecture and infrastructure consider “the environmental, economic, and social elements” of sustainability, and it aims to raise awareness of a variety of topics related to environmental issues and energy supplies.

The UAE should address the need for energy-saving measures like recycling, reuse and other waste-reduction approaches as soon as possible because it’s a rising issue and also gaining attention across the globe.

Emvees aim to motivate people to renew their commitment to the environment and safeguard the Earth for future generations by recycling and advocating practical solutions. All of our efforts are aimed at having a beneficial influence on the environment on a national, regional, and global level.