Dubai Airports says NO to single-use plastic

Dubai Airport, the world’s busiest international airport, has decided to ban single-use plastics from consumer spaces at the airport. This will come into effect from January 1st, 2020.

Around 32 tonnes of single-use plastic bottles and bottle caps are used every year in the airport and with the new move this can be eliminated. This is in addition to other single-use plastic items such as plastic straws, plastic cups and caps, and plastic bags. Dubai airport hosts almost 90 million people per year and an initiative like this will make a tangible difference in the society.

The good news is that its not just Dubai Airport that has come up with this fantastic decision. Numerous hotel chains, restaurants, theatres, groceries, supermarkets along with individuals and households have taken initiative to eliminate single-use plastic and protect our environment.

Dubai Airport recycles more than 43,000 tonnes of paper, glass and other waste per year and they have collected and disposed almost 16 tonnes of single use plastic bottles and bottle caps, in the past 6 months.

The airport recently partnered with more than 106 businesses functioning there to showcase the positive outcomes that can be derived from limiting the usage of products that are harmful to our environment. Some of the measures taken were banning plastic utensils, bags and paper receipts. Straws are one of the most overused single-use plastic products and the collaboration resulted in a pledge to prevent the distribution of 150,000 straws. This is 30,000m worth of plastic!

Single-use plastic is extremely dangerous and according to reports, the increased use of the same will result in the acceleration of climate change. Plastic contributes to greenhouse gas emissions throughout its lifecycle, right from its production and refining to until it becomes a waste product.

A cleaner and greener environment is the dream of everyone. For this, we will have to unite and take initiatives to curb products that are dangerous for nature and livelihood.