Cooling Water Treatment

Water is an exceptional resource that contains rich minerals. Industries and manufacturing units are using water as a coolant application for cooling water treatment plants. Increased consumption of water using as coolant by commercial, manufacturing and industrial sectors decreases the availability of best quality water and also increased the cost. This high cost has challenged the industrial sectors to continue the process of cooling treatment.

The water is an exceedingly effective property that is ideal for cooling water application. It is safe and simply accessible asset with rich minerals. Other than any material, even compared to air, water is the most resourceful coolant to transfer effective heat produced in cooling appliances. The water quality caused undesirable symptoms for cooling water applications.

The natural water dissolves numerous substances, including gasses like oxygen and carbon dioxide. Therefore, water can bring about the corrosion in chilled water pipes which is used as a part of cooling treatment. As water moves in cooling appliances, disintegrated particles might surpass the solubility of some minerals and form scale. The nurturing properties of water can likewise empower bacterial development that can cause fouling on the metal surface of chilled water pipes.

Without successful cooling water treatment, a cooling water system can experience the ill effects of scale arrangement, erosion and fouling and growth of microorganisms. To overcome these issues, an Optimized chemical treatment and mechanized system control projects are developed and accomplished. Monitoring the water cooling appliance with proper techniques, equipment, and supplies will provide a cost effective solution and enhance the plant productivity.

To beat the issues regarding Cooling water Treatment Emvees Technical Service is using a good range of specialty chemicals like:

EMVEES also offer a comprehensive range of cooling water treatment

  • Cleaning Chemical – neutral pH cleaner for initial flushing
  • Corrosion inhibitors – Nitrite as well as molybdate based
  • Biocides – to prevent bacterial fouling of the closed system

Besides these offering EMVEES also provide operational assistance and guidance of professional experts to keep your plant working securely and effectively.

  • Cleaning Chemical - neutral pH cleaner
  • Scale/ Corrosion inhibitors
  • Dispersants
  • Effective biocides for algae/ microbiological control