Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals


For most industrial process “Water” is the main cause. Most of the commercial and manufacturing industries are using water as coolant for cooling process. To ensure its functionality, cooling towers are to be maintained and treated correctly to avoid issues of corrosion, deposition, and microbial growth. This leads a serious problematic and high operational cost and results the efficiency of the entire cooling tower system. To avoid such conditions Emvees by understanding the requirements, recommends high quality and international standard chemicals for cooling tower and water treatment system.

Emvees offers a wide-range of quality cooling water treatment chemicals which gives a high operational advantage and performance. The formulated chemicals treat water and make it the most suitable coolant for cooling tower treatment. Emvees neutral pH cleaner gives high performance by removing rust deposits from metal surfaces and protect the base metal from corrosion.

The main issue that affects the closed and opened cooling water system is the scale and corrosion on metallic surface. It causes a serious impact on entire cooling process. Emvees recommended Scale/ Corrosion inhibitors ensure high performance in protecting cooling system.

Additional use of dispersant recommended by Emvees, also helps to treat cooling towering from preventing system from fouling caused by the biological augmentation. We also offer effective Biocides for algae /microbiological control, to prevent the growth of Legionella inside cooling towers. These formulated chemicals play a significant role in prevention of biofouling and algae.

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