Containerized Sewage Treatment Plants: Easier, Economical and Flexible

Containerized Wastewater Treatment Plant

Setting up a large-scale sewage treatment plant when your industrial site is temporary, is not practical. You will end up wasting money and time. The best option in situations like these to go for containerized sewage treatment plants, that can be relocated and installed with ease.

Containerized sewage treatment plants will have Waste water Treatment equipment pre installed in them. The advantages of containerized plants are many;

  • Less operational time and cost

It doesn’t take months and years to set up containerized sewage treatment plans; this can be done within a matter of a few days.  These are very economical as well.

  • Ensures protection

Since the plant is located inside the container, extreme weather conditions won’t affect it in any way.

  • Highly mobile

Containerized sewage treatment plants can be taken to any part of the world; they can be reused and transported to a new location, as and when necessary. This feature makes it a convenient treatment method.

  • Various configurations

Configurations are available for smaller and larger applications. For smaller ones, single containerized systems are available and in the case of larger applications, one can opt for modular containerized wastewater treatment solutions comprising multiple containers.

  • Speedy installation

The water treatment equipment will be preinstalled, and factory tested. It will be a ‘plug and play’ type installation and won’t take much time.

Containerized sewage treatment plants are majorly used in the below areas/ sectors;

  • Mobile worker camps
  • Temporary industrial sites
  • Construction sites
  • Sites with spatial constraints
  • Municipal wastewater treatment [permanent and temporary]
  • Refugee camps
  • Military Camps
  • Offshore facilities

Containerized wastewater treatment plants are capable of processes that include sedimentation, flotation, conventional filtration, Reverse Osmosis Filtration, biological treatment, nutrient removal, and resource recovery.  They are environment-friendly and can meet the demand for water in remote areas.

Containerized wastewater treatment plants ensure a higher degree of automation, reliability, and consistency which makes them perfect for remote locations. These treatment plants are usually custom-built depending on the requirement of the customer.

Containerized units are highly flexible and promise a quick and hassle-free process.