Choosing the Best Water Purifier

Safe and clean drinking water is the basic necessity of any human being.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a large percent of the global water supply is not fit for drinking without some sort of treatment. Water purifiers come into play here. They remove the contaminants from water and provide you with clean, pure water.

But, what type of water purifier should one opt for? Since, there are numerous types of water filters available, choosing the best one is a tough call. Before you opt for one, there are factors such as the types of contaminants present in the water and the hardness of the water, that need to be considered.

Here is a list of some commonly used Water purifiers in Dubai UAE which has the capability to make your drinking water safe and clean.

  • Reverse Osmosis water purifier

In reverse osmosis purification technology, a semipermeable membrane is used to get rid of ions, molecules, and larger particles. They cut out dangerous elements such as mercury, arsenic, and fluoride with the help of high pressure.
The membrane which has fine pores lets only water to pass through and not the chemical, dissolved salts, and microbes that are present in the water.

Reverse osmosis water purifiers are considered to be one of the best and most effective forms of water purifiers, especially for people who live in areas where drinking water is exposed to heavy metals.

  • UV water filtration

In this, ultra-violet light is used to kill the germs, bacteria, microbes, and cysts present in water. Disinfecting water with UV is simple and effective, which results in the destruction of almost 99.99% of the harmful organisms in the water.
Since no chemicals are added, the taste of water doesn’t change. People who suspect E.coli, cryptosporidium, giardia or any other types of bacteria and viruses in the water can rely on UV water filtration.

The process is usually carried out along with other forms of filtration such as reverse osmosis or carbon block.

  • UF water purifier

UF(ultra-filtration) is similar to the Reverse Osmosis Water Purification process; in this particular purification system membranes with larger pores are used.One major feature that differentiates UF water purifier from the rest of its counterparts is that these systems do not require electricity to kill Bacteria, Viruses, Cysts and other microorganisms present in the water.

A UF water purifier is capable of removing even minute germs and virus and is hence ideal for tap water purification in cities. It can purify muddy water and can be used to cleanse water that is not very hard and has less TDS.

  • Activated carbon water purifier

Activated carbon filters are capable of removing chemicals like chlorine, pesticides, and impurities, which usually causes the water to taste bad. Electricity is not required for the filter to operate.

Bituminous, wood and coconut shell carbons are the most common carbon types used in the filtration of water.