Case Studies: Bio-Augmentation of Sewage Stream

Case Studies: Bio-Augmentation of Sewage Stream

Client: A leading developer in the UAE

Topic: To make sewage odorless using bio augmentation


  1. Our client is a leading name in the real estate development business.
  2. They are reusing the treated sewage from a STP, for irrigation of the landscape in the sprawling facility.

Existing Troubles:-

  1. The raw sewage was rendering unbearable odour all around the area.
  2. The odour was as a consequence of Hydrogen Sulfide and Ammonia which was generated as a result of the anoxic condition that existed due to the long and inefficient design of the conveyance system.

Action taken to alleviate the bad odour:-

Microbial treatment was resorted to. Two products which included bacterial strains and necessary nutrients from Advetec , were employed to overcome the bad odour. The bacterial strains were the ones that used sulphides and ammonical nitrogen in the sewage as their source of energy. The dosing of the above said products were done using a peristaltic pump, on a timed basis.

Results Observed:-

  1. After a period of 2 weeks of optimum dosage the odor level came down considerably.
  2. There was a 90% reduction in the sulphide and ammonical nitrogen levels in the sewage

Scope of Usage:-

  1. Provides an economical option replacing the costlier conventional technique.
  2. Convenient when there is a constraint of space.
  3. Can be used as a part of the water polishing unit provided a sulphide or ammonical nitrogen presence is confirmed.