Sewage Treatment Plant
Sewage Treatment Plants
There are sewage treatment plants everywhere in the world now, and the number of these...
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How vehicle wash water recycle system can benefit your business and the world
Water being the most common and useful resource is running short, for which we as...
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Water Pollution: Effects and Treatment methods
Thousands have lived without love, not one without water”. The quote validates how precious water...
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Organic waste Disposal
The rise in population has led to diverse changes in the environment. The increase in...
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World habitat Day
It is world habitat day today; a day designated to remind the world that it...
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Water Purification Using Sun rays
Have you ever thought for a while about millions of human beings who are deprived...
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Amazon forest fire
Amazon Rainforest Fire: Causes and Aftereffects
Forest fires are quite common in Amazon during the dry season. But this year, the...
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EXPO 2020 & Its Water Conservation Strategy
The countdown has already begun for Expo 2020, the most awaited mega event that is...
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Methods for water quality checker
Have you ever tested the quality of water you use?
We all know how important it is to have clean and safe water. But, how...
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Recycled Water Policy in UAE
The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy, DoE, has recently come up with a 'Recycled Water...
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Dubai Airports says NO to single-use plastic
Dubai Airport, the world’s busiest international airport, has decided to ban single-use plastics from consumer...
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Are you ready to wear a mask this Environment Day?
World environment is around the corner and this time what grabs eyeballs is the theme...
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