Bio-Tech Products

  • ADVETEC 100 – Waste Water.

ADVETEC 100 is an intra-cellular micro-nutrient additive for application within a wastewater treatment works. The product is used to combat fats, oils and greases at the bar screens and throughout the wastewater treatment works resulting in reduced hydrogen sulphide production and the associated corrosive degradation of the plant. By dispensing ADVETEC 100 before the clarifiers, the increased metabolic activity of the indigenous microbes results in an accelerated reduction of organic matter in the wastewater treatment works. Higher efficiencies of organic removal result in lower volatile solids and lower cake volumes. By increasing the biological efficiency of the wastewater treatment works, the plant is able to handle greater volumes of through-put with lower operational costs.

  • ADVETEC 200 – Waste Water.

ADVETEC 200 is an intra-cellular micro-nutrient additive blended specifically to treat settlement lagoons. The product has additional anti-foaming properties above our core product ADVETEC 100. ADVETEC 200 is ideal forfrothing or foaming control in wastewater treatment works. Applying ADVETEC 200 at the start of the treatment process will reduce or eliminate frothing and foaming that bacteria and fats, oils and greases create in the aeration basins. ADVETEC 200 in normal applications will result in the nutrients that the bacteria thrive upon being consumed, thus eliminating the existing conditions and preventing future frothing and foaming.

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  • ADVETEC 300 – Waste Water.

ADVETEC 300 is a specific blend of ADVETEC 100 which contains anti-corrosive properties. ADVETEC 300 is used to prevent corrosion in the sewer collection system and wastewater treatment works. ADVETEC 300 is specifically blended from ADVETEC 100 to provide a coating on metals immersed in the wastewater stream that are exposed to hydrogen sulphide and other corrosive chemicals.

  • ADVETEC 400 – Waste Water.

ADVETEC 400 significantly reduces fats, oils and greases in grease traps. ADVETEC 400, along with a specially designed dispenser, is utilised remotely by being suspended below a manhole cover. The product composition ensures extended product life under such aggressive environments.