Apps for Water and Wastewater Treatment Professionals

Technology has started ruling our lives to such an extent that it is apps that are deciding our sleeping and eating patterns now.  There are apps for almost everything, and many of them come to use in our professional lives as well.
If you are someone operating in the field of wastewater management or related sectors, here are some apps that could be of use to you at some point in your career-

One of the most popular and complete apps, Plutocalc is a calculator for water treatment, wastewater, hydraulics, environmental chemistry and unit conversions. One can expect accurate results with minimal inputs.

The app provides Water and Waste Management Engineers with more than 200 important formulas. Area Formulas, Groundwater, River Pollution, Sewer Pipe, Sewage Treatment, Storm Runoff and Water Flow are the core features included in the app.

  • Isco FlowCalc
    If you need to spot-check the performance of installed flow monitoring systems or verify whether a recently installed flow meter is configured correctly, Isco FlowCalc does the job for you. The app also calculates flow rates in open, non-full channels and pipes.
  • Dosage Calculations for Water Treatment
    Why would anyone say no to an app that can help you make spot calculations for necessary changes in treatment? Water specialists working in the water plant will find it extremely beneficial.
  • Sewer Design Calculator
    For those involved in building or maintaining sewer infrastructure, this is the perfect app. Sewer design calculator is used in calculating the pipe diameter and slope.
  • Wateropolis
    Operating a water treatment plant can be made hassle-free with the help of this app, as it features diverse formulas, converters, and look-up tables. Volume, flow and pressure conversion, tank capacity estimator, tank media calculator, liquid feed rate and solid chemical dosing calculators are also a part of this app.
  • Wastewater Inflow Calculator
    One can figure out the inflow and exceedance for reporting or recordkeeping purpose, with the help of this app.There are many more apps that deal with wastewater management and we can expect more in the future. Go for the one that suits your business the most.