Advantages of Silicon Carbide (SiC) membranes in water treatment

The use of microfiltration/ultrafiltration process had been increasing the past years. The Silicon carbide (SiC) technology enables to filter effluents present in contaminated water and provides most pure and clear water with safe operation. SiC Membrane is also called as new generation ceramic membrane because it is very robust and produces extremely good permeate quality.

The following are the salient features of the SiC membranes:

  • Highest flux rate for any membranes, thereby much lower foot print
  • More resistant to harsh waste streams, like low or high pH, high organic loads etc.
  • Can resist high ambient temperatures in the Gulf region
  • 5 year replacement warranty
  • Strong technical service readily available in the UAE
  • An excellent reference in the UAE

The distinctive design and material used in SIC membrane, exhibits unique features over polymeric membrane. The filtration is outside– in submerged filtration process. It is designed with asymmetric structure to balance the pressure. Ceramic membranes are able to operate at higher filtration fluxes due to high poroxity and more hydrophilic surface. Due to strong negative charge, the causing of bio-fouling is minimal. The membrane is highly compact and more resistance on mechanical, chemical and thermal pressure is its most prevailing advantage.

Applying low pressure membrane technology for water filtration has become a trend these years. Installing and maintenance of SIC membrane is a simple process. SiC membranes have low operational and maintenance costs. It guarantees a life time of more than 10 years due to robustness and limited use of chemicals. SIC membrane is designed for large scale application. It will be the most cost effective new generation solution for waste water & water treatment.