Waste Water Treatment

The core objective of liquid or water waste treatment is to protect water resources, public health and maintain a clean environment. Emvees provides a most effective solution and advanced Wastewater treatment technologies to improvise the quality of water and life. Emvees offer the following different types of waste water treatment solutions.

  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment: Industrial Wastewater Treatment for chemical & petroleum industries by providing a whole range of solution to treat most dangerous effluent condition.
  • Sewage Treatment: Sewage Treatment Plant for municipal waste water offers a wide spectrum of treatment solution that suits the requirements of particular sewage issues.
  • Effluent Treatment Plant: Emvees is a proven technical service provider in offering cost effective system to treat the wastewater from food industries by application of the various technologies available with us.
  • Grey Water Treatment: We provide simple and most effective filter treatment technique for Greywater, which is gently used water from Kitchen, laundry wash, bathroom, dish wash, wash basin etc. The filtered water will be odor-free, clear and suitable for irrigation.

Emvees introduces MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor), a state-of-the-art membrane separation technology and MBBR (Moving Bed Bio film Reactor) for the streams like Domestic sewage, Primary and secondary waste water, Pre-treatment for RO, Cooling tower blow down and municipal & industrial sector respectively.

Emvees has designed and build water treatment plants that marked international standards and quality in providing quality level water for reuse in irrigation and sanitation. These treatment processes helps to maintain a clean environment and sustain our natural resources.