Scientifically-proven and advanced water technologies allow communities to reuse water for various purposes, including industrial, irrigation, cleaning and drinking. The water is treated differently depending upon the source and use of the water and how it gets delivered.

We, at Emvees, developed a unique Vehicle Wash Water Recycling Technology using Silicon Carbide membranes, focusing to meet the Recycling standards for reuse of water.

Car Wash Water Recycling Plant

Our technology for Vehicle Wash Water Recycling plants ensures you...

  • Cost savings, with a very quick payback - often under 1.5 years.
  • Reduceed volume of oily wastewater generated by up to 90%.
  • Easy to operate system, requires only simple maintenance.
  • Incomparable manufacturer warranty on the membranes.
  • Economical recycling of waste water and replenishing valuable cleaning chemicals.
  • Uses most modern technology of Silicon Carbide membranes developed by Cembrane- Denmark.