Due to the increasing popularity, the population of the UAE has risen tremendously and the number of hotels, supermarkets, and restaurants has risen. Food wastages also have substantially increased and the UAE Government has done a tremendous job in containing the excess waste produced. However, as encouraged by the UAE Government, more efforts are being stemmed in to contain the solid waste at source, for which the technologies applicable are limited.

The concept of BIO THERMIC DIGESTER or BTD has been introduced by Emvees into the UAE market. The BTD basically, reduces the food waste by more than 95% and the end product can be directly used as a soil conditioner/ organic fertilizer.

Fig: Waste as seen taken into the initial chambers & at the final chamber


Initial chamber of Solid waste managementFinal Chamber of organic solid waste management

The BTD has 3 chambers where the solid waste, as it enters gets heated up and subsequently is worked upon by the Thermophilic bacteria, thereby reducing the volume all the more. The Thermophiles are voracious eaters and they release heat as a byproduct, which helps sustain the heat within the BTD. Heater pads will become non-functional once the steady state has been achieved since the Thermophiles produce the heat necessary for their environment. Due to the heat produced within the chambers of the BTD (up to 180 C), there will be no apparent bacteria in the end product and the end product can be directly used since it is well sterilized. This makes the BTD the most efficient machine for food waste management.

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