Organic Waste Management


The disposal of organic solid waste is fast becoming a major problem everywhere and the UAE Government have prudently stepped in to address this issue. The reduction of solidwaste at source and zero discharge to landfill is fast becoming the norm in the UAE.

Emvees have teamed up with ADVETEC HOLDINGS LTD of the UK, to address the problem of organic solid waste treatment. Emvees-ADVETEC have come up with the Bio Thermic Digester (BTD) and the Raptor, for the reduction of organic solid waste and these machines can be effectively utilized in the following areas where the organic sludge contents are relatively high.

  • Municipality sewage sludge
  • Sludge from STPs & ETPs (output of belt press)
  • Food waste from hotels/ restaurants
  • Vegetable wastes from markets & packing industries
  • Fruits & vegetable wastes from supermarkets/ hypermarkets
  • Abattoir waste
  • Any other organic solid waste from industries, commercial establishments & communities

The Advatec BTD & Raptors effectively reduce upto 95% of the volume by digestion of the organic waste, using extremophyllic bacteria which thrives only in high temperatures (temperatures above 75 ℃).

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