ODR8 - Odour neutralizer from ADVETEC

ODR8TM Odour Neutralising Technology sets a new standard for the destruction of industrial malodours. Unlike alternative odour control additives, ODR8TM does not simply mask the problem using fragrances. The action is based upon the principles of Ionic Attraction. ODR8 is a product which neutralises and destroys odours completely and immediately across a broad range of industrial and commercial environments. Action Ionic attraction takes place when positively charged ions and negatively charged ions attract one another. The positively charged molecules which carry the odours are attracted to the negatively charged ODR8 and are locked inside the ODR8 molecular structure instead of drifting throughout the immediate area, thereby negating the odour.

Features Of ODR8:

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Manufactured from naturally occurring plant extracts
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Recognised as safe in the food industry
  • Non-carcinogenic
  • Non-acidic or caustic
  • Non-hazardous, nonirritant and safe under CHIP/COSHH/REACH

Success stories of odour control unit in UAE

  • At the inlet works of a sewage Waste Water Works, RAK

As a temporary measure, ODR8 was dosed using Airstream fans at the inlet works to a wastewater treatment plant, to reduce the foul odour around the inlet works area. The system worked very well and the staff working in the area had to keep on checking their H2S meter to understand the H2S presence in the air…the ODR8 only neutralizes the smell of H2S, it does not take out the H2S out.

  • Tobacco Factory in Ajman

ODR8 has been used successfully at the Tobacco Factory in Ajman. The odour coming out of the wastewater equalization tank was arrested by the misting of ODR8 at regular intervals, using a timer controlled Airstream system.

Airstream TM odour control systems success stories in the UK

    • Olympic Park, Stratford, London.

As part of a turnkey project to provide extra wastewater treatment capacity within the Olympic Park,  Airstream TM  units were commissioned ensuring total removal of odours from the existing waste processing facility within the confines of the Olympic Park. The project was of critical importance as the waste facility was directly adjacent to the primary VIP parking and reception area for the 2012 Olympic Games stadium.

    • Liffey Meats, Ireland.

Airstream TM has successfully installed within one of the Irelands largest meat processing facilities, after traditional odour masking and re-odourising techniques had proved problematic.  The custom-designed system installed, completely addressed the facility’s odour issues without any re-odourant or masking smells being suffered by personnel or local populous.

  • Glastonbury Music Festival, England.

Advetec UK was commissioned by the organizers of the world-famous Glastonbury festival to provide odour control measures in temporary toilets facilities together with mobile wastewater treatment modules. Having over 2.5 million visitors over 4 days, the festival had historically encountered serious problems with odours from the toilet areas encroaching into the performance areas.  The installation of Airstream TM at key locations throughout the site resulted in the total removal of the odour issues.

At the Olympic stadium
At the Olympic stadium - Odour Control system

A typical installation at an ETP and odour control system

A typical installation at an ETP
Odour control system Glastonbury festival

Glastonbury festival