Water treatment Products

Water treatment in the UAE has become more of a requirement with the special industrial and procedural needs. It made this specialty segment a highly sensitive one which needs the expertise and experience to identify the specific needs of the customer.

Emvees specialises in this segment, through its experienced Sales & Design engineers, who work specifically for the customer requirements.Our experienced staff have the expertise to install and commission the following range of water treatment products.

  • Automatic filtration systems – Sand & Carbon
  • Automatic softener systems
  • RO plants & UF plants
  • De-ionisers – Semi-automatic & Automatic
  • Mixed Bed (MB) resin columns for polishing
  • Dosing pumps & Controllers.


Emvees  also specialises in chemical treatment for HVAC systems – especially Chilled water systems & Cooling Tower treatment (Condensers), by providing the following services.

  • Chilled water treatment chemicals
  • Condenser/ Cooling Tower chemicals
  • Boiler water treatment chemicals
  • Automatic dosing systems for Chilled, Condenser & Boiler water treatment

Filters & SoftenersFilter + Softener systemRO PlantDe-ioniserDosing pumpAutomatic dosing controller