Our Projects

  1. ETP plant for a Food Processing plant in Dubai
    (Capacity 75 m3/day)
  2. ETP for a leading Pharmaceutical Company in RAK
    ( Capacity 1000 m3/day)
  3. Anaerobic Treatment for a Tobacco factory in Sharjah
    (Capacity 25 m3/day)
  4. ETP for a leading Juice processing plant in Alain
    (Capacity 100 m3/day)
  5. ETP Plant for a frozen food processing factory in RAK
    ( Capacity 60 m3/day)
  6. Vehicle wash water treatment for Reuse
    ( Capacity 40 m3/day)
  7. Revamping of STP in RUWAIS, Abudhabi
    ( Capacity 200 m3/day)
  8. ETP for a Metal Coating factory
    ( Capacity20 m3/day)
  9. Bio Thermic Digester Capacity 1 MTD for a leading MNC in Sharjah
  10. Bio Thermic Digester Capacity 3 MTD plant for a leading Chocolate manufacturing company in Sharjah.
  11. MBR plant for sewage treatment for a prominent developer in UAE
    (Capacity: 200 m3/day)
  12. ETP for a leading food industry in UAE
    (Capacity: 200 m3/day)
  13. Re-vamp of ETP in an edible oil factory in UAE
    (Capacity: 250 m3/day)
  14. Re-vamp, start up of & O&M of ETP with anaerobic reactor for a chocolate factory in UAE
    Capacity: 200 m3/day)
  15. O&M for grey water treatment plant in UAE
    (Capacity: 100 m3/day)
  16. O&M for MBR plant for sewage treatment
    (Capacity: 200 m3/day)
  17. Flushing, chemical cleaning & passivation of chilled water system, using side stream filters and specialty chemicals
    Chiller Capacity: 3 X 400 TR)
  18. De-scaling, chemical cleaning & passivation of Steam boiler in UAE
    (Boiler capacity: 5 Ton/hr)
  19. Design, Supply, installation & Commissioning of fully automatic central water filtration system for a 5 star hotel in UAE, with automatic softening system
    (Capacity: 25 m3/hr)
  20. Supply, installation and commissioning of swimming pool filtration system, using crushed glass media from Dryden Aqua UK.
    (Capacity: 30 m3/hr)

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